Does It Matter If Britney Can't Dance Like She Used To?


Pop Dust has created a video that splices the Britney Spears of yesteryear and Brit’s latest string of performances promoting her seventh album, Femme Fatale. While I was glad to see the old Britney grinding away to “Oops! I Did It Again!” nearly ten years ago, Chris Crocker’s legendary words kept resounding in my head: “Leave Britney Alone!”

Consider some of the events in Britney’s life post-2004: A marriage (and annulment) to childhood pal Jason Alexander, a marriage to Kevin Federline, a reality show about that marriage, a knee injury, the birth of two babies, a divorce from Kevin Federline, a mental breakdown, shaving her head, that umbrella-attack, losing custody of her boys, rehab, hospitalization, possible alcoholism, addiction, and depression (not to mention the prescription drugs that go along with that.) So let’s give the girl a break, shall we?

Old Britney Vs. New Britney: The Dance Off! [Pop Dust]

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