Dolly Parton Sleeps in Makeup Because You 'Never Know If There's Going to Be an Earthquake'

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Dolly Parton Sleeps in Makeup Because You 'Never Know If There's Going to Be an Earthquake'
Photo:John Lamparski (Getty Images)

Dolly Parton has designed her beauty regimen with natural disasters in mind.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal magazine, Parton said she does the bulk of her skincare routine in the morning since she sleeps in her makeup. When she wakes up she washes her face, applies fresh makeup, and touches it up throughout the day before going to bed with it on again.

“I do all my beauty work and cleaning my face in the morning because I usually try to keep my makeup on at night,” Parton told the magazine. “Because I never know if there’s going to be an earthquake or a tornado or a storm and I’m going to have to go out in the middle of the night!”

She also said she never wears sweatpants—not even just to lounge around the house—presumably for the same reason.

“I have my own little house clothes, like a little dress-type teddy, a long teddy, then I have a little jacket or shirt to match if I get cold,” Parton said. “I call them my baby clothes because they’re soft like a baby. But I don’t wear sweat clothes.”

It’s also incredibly hard to picture Dolly Parton in sweatpants (try it!), though I could imagine her wearing a cute velour tracksuit. But far be it from me to get between Dolly and her baby clothes!

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