Donald Sterling's Girlfriend is 'Sad' About His Lifetime NBA Ban


Vanessa Stiviano, the alleged G.O.A.T. of digital recording, says she’s genuinely sad about the NBA’s lifetime ban of her ex-sugar daddy, Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Her lawyer Mac Nehoray also maintains that Stiviano didn’t release the tapes.

But Nehoray continued to lay it on pretty thick for the LA Times, saying that his “client is devastated that this got out. […] It’s nothing like it’s been portrayed,” because “she’s not the type of person everyone says.”

While conventional wisdom would wonder what woman would want her gravy train to come to such a screeching halt, Sterling was not only racist but also pretty sexist too. That said, it’s not hard to believe that he wouldn’t have made enemies outside of his latest mistress, especially since a number of other players including former Clipper Baron Davis have spoken out about his antics. Still, like I’ve always said about O.J. Simpson, if he didn’t do it, he knows what happened and who did, and Stiviano seems to fit the same bill.

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