Don't You Dare Label Bennifer As Anything Other Than Friendly Friends Or You'll 'Jinx' It!

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Don't You Dare Label Bennifer As Anything Other Than Friendly Friends Or You'll 'Jinx' It!
Image:Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Listen, I’m trying very hard not to pin any hopes or dreams onto the return of Bennifer, mostly because it doesn’t matter to my life and also, I’m sure we will all tire of them soon. But I feel it is important to highlight notable moments on their road to romance, or whatever this is. Arguably, it’s not romance, because whoever’s leaking the dribbles of their affair to the press is playing it safe!

Here’s the latest, relevant only because I have to admire their caution: apparently Ben and Jen are taking it nice and slow because they don’t want to “jinx” the relationship by slapping a label on the thing in order to appease the public who desperately NEEDS a label in order to make sense of this situation, I guess???

Here’s the “source,” which I am assuming is Jennifer Lopez’s people, from Us Weekly, emphasis mine.

“Right now they’re going with the flow and making plans to meet up as often as possible, but there’s still some discussing to do before they officially go public,” the insider shares. “It was Ben’s idea to go to Montana, a place he absolutely loves, and they had a wonderful time there just snuggling up and being together without any pressure.”
“It’s very clear they’ve fallen for each other again in a very intense way, but they don’t want to jinx anything by attaching labels or putting themselves under too much pressure,” the first insider adds. “When the time is right and assuming things continue to evolve romantically between them, likely a month or two, they’ll probably go Instagram official or step out hand in hand at a restaurant somewhere.”

I mean… duh? Rushing into a label and/or demanding said label immediately doesn’t seem like the move for famous people anyway, but definitely isn’t the move for famous people who have already bumped uglies for a spell and had the details of their every move splashed across the rags. Also, not that age means anything, but as both Lopez and Affleck stride towards middle-age, it’s maybe sort of unseemly to say “This is my boyfriend, Ben Affleck, but he was my fiancé before, but we broke up and I married Marc Antony, I had some kids, Ben had some kids, he dated the young woman from Knives Out, I dated a baseball man, and now, we are back in each other’s lives. No pressure!”

Truly. Let these old(er) rich people do whatever. They’re gonna anyway, whether we like it or not. [Us Weekly]

Rumor has it that a fair amount of people on the internet were fanning their undercarriages over this photo of Prince William getting his lil’ jab. The hubbub is related to William’s exposed bicep, which is apparently buff. I mean, it’s not not buff, but….

Listen. It’s a fine arm, and I love the brave and furrowed brow, as if he knows he is Granny’s best boy and he is big and strong. He also gets two points for wearing a shirt that can be rolled up instead of doing what many other male public figures before him have done, which is take off their entire-ass top to expose the arm for needle time, which also exposes their traps, lats, chest, and what have you. I don’t NEED to see any famous man in power’s upper body in the nude, thank you! William, those arm curls are working out. Thank you for wearing a sweater. [Hollywood Life]

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