Dov Charney's Choate Report Cards: Real


Someone from the American Apparel mothership has weighed in on the report cards kerfuffle of one Dov Arieh Charney — and the company says they’re the real deal. Full explanation, after the jump.

According to Ryan Holiday, an American Apparel PR rep whose name sounded strangely familiar,

The report cards are real. One is actually up on The rest are hanging in a photo display in the factory. Someone probably scanned them and sent them to Jossip. It can’t be more likely that someone dusted off a typewriter and made four fake report cards from 1987 than the fact that maybe Dov is a nice person.

We’ll reserve judgment on whether it’s true that Charney is actually a nice person (or not) — but Holiday is correct that one of the report cards in question, for Ethics, with teacher James P. Dalton-Thompson in the Fall of 1986, is indeed up at the American Apparel founder’s personal website.

Barring the prospect that this is a bit of corporate whitewashing — and it does remain awfully convenient that Charney should suddenly be revealed as a “mo-ped” riding, local-newspaper-reporting, obsessively hard-working Canadian boy genius, when his company has had such bad press lately — there is one conclusion that is inescapable:

Dov Charney‘s Choate Rosemary Hall Ethics teacher mis-spelled the name of John Stuart “Mills.”

Day tuition at the Connecticut prep school for the year 2009-10 cost $33,030, not including boarding costs and fees.

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