Dove Ignores Petition Asking It to Label Photoshopped Ads


A new petition seeks to make Dove, the company behind the “Real Beauty” campaign, more accountable for labeling manipulated images in advertising but the company’s not having it.

In the petition, Seth Matlins, a father of two and former advertising executive, is pushing for Dove to label ads which use Photoshopped images of models. “We’re starting with Dove because they’ve been championing ‘Real Beauty’ for ten years,” Matlins states in the petition. “They know more about the health consequences created by the false, unrealistic representations of women and girls in photoshopped advertising, than most.” Matlins believes other companies and advertising will follow Dove’s lead

“If they don’t, let’s ask them why not,” he writes. “After a decade of ‘real beauty’ it seems a fair question. On behalf of my family, and tens of millions more, thank you.”

Matlins also wants Dove to stop using Photoshopped ads in places where children might see them, including bus shelters, mall kiosks, and the back covers of magazines, according to the petition. “Because our kids don’t have the ability to process or understand what they’re seeing,” Matlins states.

Dove responded to the petition via a statement to the New York Daily News:

“When the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty launched in 2004, we made a commitment to all women that we would not distort any of our images to create an unrealistic view of beauty. Dove takes great care to realistically portray women by accurately depicting their natural shape, size, skin color and age, thereby representing them as they genuinely are.”

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