DQ Getting Employees Treadmills, Because Ice Cream


While Dairy Queen might not give a shit about your arteries, it’s nice to know that they’re making sure their employees don’t turn into total heifers.

JK, the treadmill workstations at DQ’s corporate headquarters in Minnesota are an excellent idea. As someone who worked at a treadmill desk for many months, let me tell you — I didn’t lose weight, but my cardiovascular health did improve, and I had a clarity of mind that’s very different now that I write from my bed OOH DID SOMEONE SAY PIZZA? No? What were we talking about?

Humans are meant to move, and I know that because I’m an expert in all things physiological since I read Gretchen Reynolds’ The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer. Basically, I can now teach a class in how we all need to stand up every twenty minutes so that the giant muscles in our legs don’t turn into Banana Berry Blizzard (in consistency, not in deliciousness). When you’re standing and using those muscles, even if you’re walking at .0008 miles per hour on a treadmill (preferred rate of winners), it’s so much better than sitting on your ass all day. Now, let’s all win the lottery and then it’s treadmill desks for everybody!

Now, perhaps Dairy Queen could add some non-murderous foods to their menu and extend the goodness to their clients?

[The Globe and Mail]

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