Dr. Laura Goes Even More Crazy, Fears Her Own "Assassination"


Dr. Laura’s still playing the victim — this time on the Today Show, where she went on and on about the “shark frenzy” over her use of the n-word. She also talked about being “assassinated.”

Click to viewThough she does admit that her statements back in August (basically, that a woman concerned about racism might be “hypersensitive”) were “inartfully made” (yes, saying the n-word 11 times is pretty “inartful”), she stands by their substance. But what’s most amusing about this clip is watching Dr. Laura launch into her litany of complaints about all the people trying to “silence” her … while the Today Show‘s get-off-the-stage music plays in the background. Less amusing: her claim that she needed to move her show to Sirius to avoid getting “assassinated.” Not a good word for this month, Dr. Laura.

Dr. Laura: N-word Incident Was A Blessing [MSNBC]

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