Dream Crossovers For TV's Lesbian And Bisexual Characters


With the 2010-2011 TV season almost in the books, it’s time to start dreaming about the 2011-2012 TV season. What? I like to plan ahead.

While it’s been an exciting season for lesbian couplings (Brittana! Calzona! Pemily!), I think we can do better. And by “better,” I mean I think we need to see some lesbian character crossovers up on our TV screens next season. Even our new reigning AfterEllen.com Hot 100 winner Naya Rivera agrees. Earlier this month at the 2011 GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco, Naya said she’s love to have Sara Ramirez come guest on Glee.

Which got me thinking: Which current lesbian or bisexual female characters should crossover and appear on other shows with current lesbian or bisexual female characters?

Let us begin:

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie plays Santana’s cool lesbian aunt on Glee. As part of Callie helping Santana come to terms with her sexuality, they sing a duet together about how awesome it is to fall madly in love with blonde hotties. Someone has already written this fanfic, right?

The Good Wife‘s Kalinda Sharma runs into Special Agent Diana Barrigan on White Collar. Sparks fly when investigator meets agent. Plus we already know Kalinda has a taste for big-time FBI ladies.

Nurse Jackie‘s Dr. O’Hara consults on a special case with Thirteen on House. Double your doctors, double your fun. Or they could even downgrade their degrees and play naughty nurse. What? I’m just offering helpful suggestions.

Lost Girl‘s Lauren (that’s Dr. Hotpants to you) winds up at Seattle Grace consulting with Dr. Arizona Robbins about a child with unusual supernatural abilities on Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing will happen, because we all know Arizona belongs with Callie and Dr. Hotpants belongs with Bo, but there will be some intense, unexpected late-night eye sex as they both race to save this child from some untold doom.

Glee‘s Brittany wanders off and meets the Rosewood High glee club at nationals and strikes up a friendship with Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hannah on Pretty Little Liars. She promptly joins their make-shift Scooby Gang to help solve the mystery of A. In fact, I’m surprised she isn’t in the cast already as the group’s sweet, loyal, obedient, slightly dim mascot. Now all they need is a Mystery Machine.

Right, so, what do you think? What other queer character crossovers would you love to see happen next season. It’s never to early to start dreaming, ladies.

This post originally appeared on AfterEllen. Republished with permission.

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