Drew Barrymore Makes Rita Ora's Specialty: A Banana and Hot Sauce Sandwich

Drew Barrymore Makes Rita Ora's Specialty: A Banana and Hot Sauce Sandwich

The Drew Barrymore Show turned 100 episodes old this week. Barrymore did not celebrate the occasion, but that’s why I’m here. It was quite a week! Barrymore discussed intimidating gardening, anxiety-instilling water bottles, and why you cannot reach her by email. A viewer noticed Barrymore struggling with a bowl of soup recently and sent in something nice to aid in future endeavors. The heretofore indefatigably kind Barrymore couldn’t even fake enjoying so much as a bite of some TikTokker’s vegan cookie. Jason Biggs stopped by to recall the time Barrymore frightened him in Central Park. And “the queen of the pop hit” Rita Ora joined to discuss her tequila collab and show Barrymore how to make Rita-margaritas. During their cocktail-making chat, Barrymore busted out a sandwich that Ora apparently enjoys: banana and hot sauce. That is the most British-ass, Rita Ora-ass sandwich I could possibly imagine. I say that with fondness. 😉

Meanwhile, please check out this marathon question Barrymore asked Hyram Yarbo. I love it when she does this. I did not, however, love this interview, as Yarbo is a “skinfluencer,” which I think should be illegal. Please just go to a dermatologist and don’t rely on children on TikTok to tell you what to do with your skin. Your face will thank you for it!!!

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