Drop Everything and Listen to Corey Feldman's New Single

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Oh man, Corey Feldman. Okay. Corey. Okay, man. Sooooooo, Corey Feldman has a new single! It’s called “Mercy,” and it features Brandon Howard—the guy who claims to maybe be Michael Jackson’s secret son, but also maybe not, and also it doesn’t matter either way because he’s just a man trying to make his way in the world—and on the cover art he’s crucified on a star of David and also there’s a pretty sick menorah and a prescription symbol(?) and some other religious stuff, because this is an interdenominational (and pharmacist-inclusive) jam.

Here it is, guys — Corey Feldman‘s 3rd single from his upcoming EP, “1st Glimpse of Heaven” titled “Mercy.” The song features Brandon Howard, the dude who alleges to be Michael Jackson’s own son, and this song is probably the best one to come off of the album yet. The word “catchy” doesn’t even accurately describe it — and to be honest, we love it as much as we loved “Ascension Millennium,” which was quite a bit.

Oh, Corey. You always do you, and there’s something magic about that. There’s a preview of the song above, or you can click through to listen to the whole thing. [Fishwrapper]

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