DROP EVERYTHING: The Puppy Bowl Starting Lineup Is Here!


The second greatest* day of the year has arrived, the Puppybowl IX Lineup was released! Featuring all adoptable rescue and shelter puppies, it’s the cutest bunch of little homeless ragamuffins to ever saunter into your heart.

The question on everyone’s mind is: Who will be MVP (Most Valuable Puppy)? Will the title go to Bessie, the Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who prides herself on a killer sense of humor? Or could it be Blitz, the Terrier mix who once rode in a plane? My money’s on Gunther, the pit/hound mix who loves to cuddle, because I also love to cuddle.

I was in a terrible mood just minutes ago and the power of puppies has sent me into near manic happiness. This is gonna be bow-wow-wow-nderful. (???)

Of course, we must also acknowledge the always sexy kitten halftime show and this year there will be HEDGEHOG CHEERLEADERS. Puppy Bowl, you know how to get me going.

*The first being Puppy Bowl itself, which airs on Animal Planet on Sun, Feb 3 at 3pm EST.

[Animal Planet]

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