Dude From Guns N' Roses Vapes, Dude In The Audience Fights Him For It


It’s already hard for dudes in this country to vape in peace, but now they have to deal with the threat of violence when hitting their e-cigs in public. TMZ is reporting that DJ Ashba, the top hat-wearing dude from Guns N’ Roses, was vaping at a Romeo Santos show in Vegas over the weekend when some random dude in the audience told him to keep that sweet sweet e-vapor out of his face. The Guns N’ Roses dude reportedly asked, “What are you going to do about it, buddy?” and the random dude answered by starting a physical fight.

Video of the incident is dark and grainy, but worth watching to hear Romeo Santos perform in the background. He unwittingly created the perfect soundtrack to a Las Vegas vape brawl.

No one involved was hurt during the incident, but they did miss the rest of Santos’ performance.

Security escorted all of them out, but cops determined Ashba was the victim … and the couple got cited for misdemeanor battery.

Be careful where you vape, dudes. Not everyone is chill enough to respect your lifestyle.

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Images via Giphy/Getty.

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