DWTS Wants Erin Andrews to Bring a 'Young Male Following' to the Show


While it was pretty clear that Brooke Burke was unceremoniously fired from her job hosting Dancing with the Stars, a new rumor indicates DWTS producers might have gotten rid of her as part of a dubious plan to target a specific crop of new viewers.

An Us Weekly insider” says that Burke had no idea she was being fired from the show until right before they announced it. This was abundantly clear from her tweets, we didn’t need an “insider” for this intel. But what is new are the details about why Andrews, a sports reporter, was so much more appealing to DWTS than Burke, a mommy blogger:

“Everyone loved [Brooke], but the execs wanted a whole new show,” the source revealed. Adding that Andrews’ “young male following” was appealing to the network. “They’re desperate for those viewers,” the source added.

We know that DWTS hired Andrews and fired their band to get a new crop of younger viewers, but the idea that she’s going to miraculously convince young straight men to watch a show about celebrities participating in a lackluster dance competition is…so good it might work? She is friends with Chrissy Teigen and men love hot chicks so…brilliant!

With the addition of Andrews, DWTS has been given the boost of energy it needed and will now able go on for another 20 seasons. Eventually, it’ll conclude with an impressive star-studded cast that includes North West, The Artist Formerly Known as Lil’ Romeo, whichever of Gwen Stefani’s kids needs a comeback after a trip to rehab and Snooki, who, in a surprise twist, will dance with her newborn grandchild!

Image via ABC

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