Ed Hardy Says Jon Gosselin Ruined His Tattoo T-Shirt Empire


Ed Hardy, who licensed his tattoo art to designer/entrepreneur Christian Audigier and thereby spawned the mid-2000s empire of douche that was Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, says one person knocked the brand off its perch: famously fecund former reality star Jon Gosselin.

At the brand’s height, when it was doing $700 million in retail sales annually, Audigier loved any celebrity he could slap a tattoo t-shirt on. But Hardy says Gosselin ruined all his cachet:

“That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin,” says the actual Ed Hardy. “That’s what tanked it. Macy’s used to have a huge window display with Ed Hardy, and it filtered down and that’s why Macy’s dropped the brand.”

Gosselin once wore Ed Hardy so reliably that TLC started to blur out the logos on Jon & Kate Plus 8. “Christian worships celebrities so much, he will get next to anyone who is famous for anything,” says Hardy. “If he could have gotten Charles Manson in a shirt, he would have.” Audigier and Hardy have since parted ways — acrimoniously, with litigation. Now the brand is part-owned by Iconix and Hardy is apparently trying to bring it back.


The summer delivery of Rihanna’s MAC collection is here. The first one sold out promptly. [@Rihanna]

The term “plus-size model” needs to retire. Are they not just MODELS. Period? We don’t label “plus-sized actresses” or “plus-sized singers”.
— Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) June 17, 2013
Another modeling term that needs to go is “full-figured”, as if slender girls are only “half-figured”. EVERYONE HAS A COMPLETE FIGURE.
— Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) June 17, 2013

Plain good sense from Coco Rocha. [@CocoRocha]

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Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen has created an installation piece in an old MaxMara factory in Italy. It’s made of used clothing, and it’s intended as a commentary on contemporary patterns of clothing manufacturing and consumption. [Fast Company]

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• This weekend in France, for the second time ever, factories that produce certain goods for brands owned by the luxury conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy opened their doors to the public for tours. More than 120,000 people took advantage. [WWD]

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