Ed Helms Producing a Sitcom About a Wacky Lady Lawyer


Ed Helms is set to executive produce a single-camera comedy for ABC, and it’s about a big-city lawyer who’s forced to move to a smalltown and practice law on the local yokels yee hawwww. Sounds like Baby Boom meets Hart of Dixie meets that show where a horse is the town’s psychologist (?), so basically: probably the best show ever*.

UPDATE: Apparently that is not what the show is about — the actual logline is “When a brilliant, strong-willed attorney loses her fiancé and job at the city’s top law firm, she takes up with the scrappy, rival firm of misfits across the street.” I love scrappy misfits, so this will probably still be the best show ever.

More good news on the women-in-TV front, Wendy and Lizzy Molyneux of the hilarious and wonderful Bob’s Burgers have an overall deal with FOX, and ABC also gave a script order to an untitled sisters comedy from My Name Is Earl writer-producer Danielle Sanchez-Witzel. Funny ladies making it happen. I have nothing to say but yay! and now let’s listen to this and GET PUMPED.

*I’ll only watch if our lady lawyer friend meets a charming but less sophisticated companion (played by male model) and learns the true value of love and quality of life depends not on wealth or status or career (because no one in America has that going for them right now) but on decency and honesty and traditional values and also looking like a male model.

[Hollywood Reporter]

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