Elaine Stritch Gives Nary a Fuck What People Think of Her Swearing


Living American treasure Elaine Stritch caused exaggerated gasps of faux shock when she dropped an F-bomb in front of Hoda and Kathie Lee earlier this week. And when reporters asked her about the transgression, she confessed that she had not a single ounce of fuck to give.

Quoth perfection embodied, to US Weekly:

“What F-bomb? I don’t know what the F-bomb is,” she said. “I woke up the next morning and I was a very popular lady. I know how to rob a train.” […]
“If you got any confidence in yourself, you say what you think is appropriate and press on. Don’t be ridiculous,” she continued. “You know it’s like a mystery thing on television right now. Can I say it? Can’t I say it? It’s like you’re waiting for approval from the people with the money.”

Elaine Stritch is my patronus.

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