Elderly Couple Lovingly Care for Shrub, Not Knowing It's Cannabis


Imagine this: Two sweet old people — British! — buy a plant at a car boot sale — what we here in the US might call a trunk sale, swap meet or flea market. They plant the little shrub in their neatly-tended garden, right where the adorable little pig statue can keep an eye on it. They’re not sure what kind of plant it is… Japanese maple? But it thrives. What happened next is still a mystery, but we do know that the Bedford police discovered the plant and seized it, calling it “the biggest cannabis plant we had seen!” Yes, the old folks were growing marijuana. And they had no idea. They face no criminal action; the plant is being “disposed of.” And there’s a bare patch in the yard now! Sad. Upside? There are probably some local youths interested in befriending the two, hoping they’ll share some gardening secrets.

[CNN, Twitter]

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