Elie Saab: Who Should Wear What On The Red Carpet


Elie Saab, with his ornate, heavily draped and embellished gowns, is a red-carpet perennial. So we did the work for Hollywood and assigned the looks to the appropriate star:

Kat Dennings has been rocking retro-bombshell lately; she’d look swell in this.

This would be a natural for Cameron Diaz’s recent sleek direction.

Zoe Saldana may find this a tad dull after the Oscars fantasia, but she’d look stunning.

With Julianne Moore’s affinity for sleek sequins – and emerald – this could be a perfect pick for a premiere.

Lose the jacket, and I think Bai Ling will be queuing up.

Given her affinity for showing leg, this could be a nice variation for Mariah Carey!

And in a Gothic mood, can’t you see Gwyneth pulling a delicious “don’t” here? A girl can dream…

Calling Phoebe Price.

Obviously: Nicole Kidman.

Um, Leighton Meester, anyone?

Given that Anna Kendrick actually sported a romantic Saab on Sunday, how about this sleeker direction?

[Images via Getty.]

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