Elon Musk Biography Rife With Egregious Behavior, Billionaire Fallouts, Sexual Fantasies

We pulled 13 big revelations as reported by Walter Isaacson in "Elon Musk."


Musk’s brother, associate had it out for Amber Heard

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Musk’s brother, associate had it out for Amber Heard
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In 2016, Amber Heard began a relationship with Musk shortly after the end of her marriage to Johnny Depp, who she accused of rape and abuse (he denied the accusations). Much of her and Musk’s on again, off again relationship remained fairly mysterious, save for rumors about an alleged legal dispute over frozen embryos. They separated by 2018. Musk said of Heard and Depp during their 2022 defamation trial: “At their best, they are each incredible.” But while Musk had nothing specifically negative to say about Heard for the book (only that the relationship was “brutal”), his brother was unsparing.

“It’s really sad that he falls in love with these people who are really mean to him,” Kimbal Musk told Isaacson. “They’re beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side and Elon knows they are toxic.” Isaacson writes about a particular instance in December 2017, when Kimbal and his family joined Musk and Heard on holiday, and Heard at one point allegedly locked herself in a room and expressed fear that she would be “attacked” and that Musk had stolen her passport. “She really is a good actress... The way she can create her own reality reminds me of my dad,” Kimbal said, referencing his and Musk’s allegedly abusive father, Errol. More than anything, the incident Isaacson as describes it sounds like a trauma response to years of the alleged physical and psychic violence that Heard experienced in her relationship with Depp.

Kimbal further referred to Heard as “just so toxic” and “a nightmare,” while Musk’s chief of staff likened her to “the Joker.” I’ll let it speak for itself that these men say all this about a survivor but have plenty of flattering words for Musk, an alleged sexual harasser.

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