Emily Ratajkowski, Who Split From Ex After Cheating Accusations, Weighs in on Adam Levine Drama

"If you’re the one in a relationship, you're the one obligated to be loyal," she said.

Emily Ratajkowski, Who Split From Ex After Cheating Accusations, Weighs in on Adam Levine Drama

Emily Ratajkowski, a woman who has recently (allegedly) been cheated on by a mediocre man with whom she has a child, lent her expertise to this week’s biggest gossip story: Adam Levine stands accused of cheating on his wife, who is now pregnant with their third child, and asking his former mistress if it would be OK to name the baby after her.

In a TikTok shared on Tuesday evening, Ratajkowski appeared to comment on the infidelity allegations by criticizing social media users who have piled on the women instead of Levine. “I don’t understand why we continue to blame women for men’s mistakes, especially when you’re talking about 20-something-year-old women dealing with men in positions of power who are twice their age,” Ratajkowsk said, without addressing Levine by name.

“The power dynamic is so skewed, it’s ridiculous. It’s predatory. It’s manipulative. …Also, if you’re the one in a relationship, you are the one who’s obligated to be loyal,” she continued. “The whole ‘other woman,’ there to blame—that’s bad, it’s literally designed to keep women apart.”

Ratajkowski’s TikTok spliced a video from another user who argued that men who cheat and the women who cheat with them are equally at fault.

On Monday, Instagram model Sumner Stroh shared a TikTok in which she claimed she had a year-long affair with Levine, who had recently reached out again asking for Stroh’s permission to name his unborn son “Sumner.” Stroh’s TikTok, in which she claimed Levine made her feel “exploited” and “manipulated,” was apparently just a taste of Levine’s sketch behavior: At least two other women have since shared flirty DM exchanges with the Maroon 5 singer.

Personally, I’m always going to be morbidly fascinated by celebrities shading or weighing in on each other’s drama—but I’m especially interested in what Ratajkowski has to say about Levine considering she all but confirmed that her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, also cheated. After PageSix reported in July that sources close to Ratajkowski called Bear-McClard “a dog,” Ratajkowski liked several telling tweets, including one that read, “can’t believe that little bitch cheated on emrata.” Earlier this month, the model filed for divorce, and was also photographed moving all of her belongings out of Bear-McClard’s and her New York City apartment.

Ratajkowski is right: Cheating scandals are often viewed through an innately sexist lens. However, not all affairs involve skewed “power dynamics,” nor are all “other women” hapless victims without any agency. But whether or not you agree or disagree with Ratajkowski, she’s gonna keep racking up engagement on the clock app.

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