Eric Trump Denies That His Family Hates Don Jr.’s Weird GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle

People are asking a lot of questions that are already answered by Eric's “My family does not hate Kimberly Guilfoyle” T-shirt.

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Eric Trump Denies That His Family Hates Don Jr.’s Weird GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle
Photo:Drew Angerer, Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

Eric Trump, the former president’s second eldest Large Adult Son, has emerged to set the record straight vis-a-vis the matter of whether his family hates Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr.’s unhinged girlfriend of four years whom Ivanka cropped out of Tiffany’s wedding photo.

In response to a source telling Page Six that “the vibe is that the [Trump] family doesn’t like Kim” because “she is trying too hard to be in the family,” Eric told the outlet on Monday that he “completely disagree[d] with the narrative, adding, “I happen to think the world of Kimberly.”

Per Page Six’s reporting, Don Jr. and Guilfoyle recently held a Christmas party DJ’d by Kid Rock, because of course. There were 300 guests, and Donald Trump made a brief appearance, but, despite being invited, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were no-shows. One source told the outlet that it wasn’t a slight, explaining, “It was [Jewish sabbath] Shabbos. They have a good relationship. It’s just the rumor mill.”

Eric and his wife, Lara Trump, however, did attend. “I am best friends with Don and had an absolute blast at the party,” Eric insisted. He sounds pretty frustrated that people are asking a lot of questions already answered by his “My family and I love Kimberly Guilfoyle” shirt.

The drama surrounding Guilfoyle’s standing in the Trump family began long before Don Jr. and Guilfoyle’s very obnoxious-sounding Christmas party. Last month, Ivanka raised a lot of eyebrows and—I’ll admit—prompted some chuckles when she apparently decided to crop Guilfoyle out of a family photo of the Trump gals at Tiffany Trump’s wedding, which Ivanka posted to her Instagram story. The cropped photo featured Lara, Marla Maples, Tiffany, Melania Trump, and Ivanka in soft-toned, pastel colors. But in the original photo, Guilfoyle, in a decidedly not pastel dress, is standing to the right of Ivanka, looking like she thought she was attending the wrong kind of party.

The Trump women at Tiffany Trump’s wedding. Screenshot:ivankatrump/Instagram

Some chalked crop-gate up to a matter of color coordination and Guilfoyle not receiving the memo. But even so, isn’t it pretty telling that she didn’t receive said memo? Someone is clearly not in the Lady Trump group chat receiving guidance on wedding day do’s and don’t’s. In any case, I find it difficult to believe that at a wedding with such questionable fashion choices, Guilfoyle would be cut from a photo solely for fucking with the color scheme, and not, say, everything else about her. Like her dance moves.

Nonetheless, at some point, the Trump family—other than Eric—will have to find a way to accept Ms. Guilfoyle. Because, and I say this quite derogatorily, she and Don Jr. are a match made in evil, deranged people heaven (hell?). Her ex-husband California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has clearly moved on, and it looks like Kimberly will be sticking around.

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