Erin Andrews Is Sooo Happy About This Dancing With the Stars Proposal

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Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars semifinals featured a sweet proposal from contestant Noah Galloway to his girlfriend Jamie. Yes, it was an aw moment, congrats, yayyy… But the best part of it was Erin Andrews’ reaction, which was the epitome of ughhohhmygodyay!

Before his requisite one-knee proposal, Noah tells Jamie, “The moment that you surprised me on the show was one of the most amazing moments that I’ve ever had. This song, the ‘Time of My Life,’ you’ve given that to me. And you know, I’ve got to do this here, because… Would you marry me?”

In reality, Andrews reacted in a reasonable way—with an equal mix of annoyance, shock and excitement for the couple.

Kinda looks like she hated it, though.

Here’s the full video.

As typically happens when famous people make faces that could be “misconstrued” 😉 Andrews cleared the whole thing up on Twitter.

Once more:

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