Even Queen Elizabeth Is Sick of Waiting for the Royal Baby


Look, Queen Elizabeth has a lot to do. She’s the Queen of fucking England, which means she can’t just wait around for weeks on end while waiting for the birth of a great grandchild. She’s got same sex marriage to legalize, fancy hats to wear and corgis that need feeding. Most importantly, she has a vacation planned for next week and you know what jerks airlines and B&Bs can be about cancellation fees. It would be a shame for Her Highness to go through the trouble of rescheduling all because the William and Kate’s baby bread loaf needs to bake a little longer.

When asked whether or not she’d prefer the royal baby be a girl or a boy, the Queen (quite charmingly) responded, “I don’t think I mind [either way], but I’d very much like it to arrive because I’m going on holiday.”

Push, Kate! Push!

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