Every Pig Needs a Crib


If you have a pig, it needs somewhere to stay and that place to stay is a baby’s crib.

Here’s an E! News headline that challenges the reader: “You’ll Never Guess Why Ariana Grande Has a Baby Crib in Her Apartment.” Well, I didn’t guess. Too busy doing other things, so I gave up quickly. It probably would’ve taken me to a few minutes anyhow to even remember that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson own a live pet pig, and that the pig needs a place to play.

So the crib has nothing to do with a baby. Ariana Grande posted a photo on Instagram and mentioned her perfume in the caption. There’s a crib in the back with a lamp, which had people like Katy Perry wondering. Per E!:

As it turns out, people were focused primarily on what was behind Ariana in the photo. Does anybody spot a crib?
“What are you cooking in the crib,” Katy Perry asked in the comments section. Another fan added, “Why is there a baby crib in the back tho?”
At first, the singer had some fun with the line of questions. “My secret child duh,” she replied to the follower. But soon after, she set the record straight.
“That’s Piggy Smalls’ play pen in the background,” she explained. “The red is to keep ha warm.” Ohhhhhh!

Makes sense. A pig needs a crib.

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