Everybody Is a Little Bit in Love With Chris Pratt Right Now


Chris Pratt is having a moment. The hilarious, schlumpy Andy Dwyer has turned into a still hilarious, but much less schlumpy superhero and if he weren’t already married, I might say something entirely inappropriate right now.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star is coming off of a $94.3 million opening weekend (the best August debut ever) which I think officially makes him a movie star. Amidst all the hoopla that comes with being a Hollywood leading man, Chris Pratt has managed to coming off like a regular human you’d actually want to spend time with.

Promotional press tours generally consist of the film’s stars answering the exact same questions approximately infinity times while attempting to appear charming on talk show couches. They tend to be fairly monotonous and vapid, but Pratt has been straight killing it.

First, he began French braiding an intern’s hair during an Entertainment Tonight interview, showing off the skill he’s he’s previously displayed on Instagram.

And he helpfully added that to secure the braid, “You wouldn’t want to use a rubber band, it could damage the hair.” Chris knows.

Then he went on Late Night with Seth Myers and told a pretty hilarious story about flashing Amy Poehler for a Park and Recreation scene in order to elicit the right reaction. The story was pointed by Pratt’s faux-concern since he apparently isn’t supposed to tell the story or joke about the incident, per NBC’s orders.

Now, on one hand, this could be considered sexual harassment in the workplace and at the very least, is highly inappropriate. On the other hand, why am I still laughing?

Chris then went on a radio show yesterday and perfectly rapped an entire Eminem verse after revealing that he used to live in a van in Maui smoking weed all day and listening to The Chronic 2001 and Eminem’s first album.

But the Chris Pratt love runs even deeper than just the most successful press tour in recent memory. Reasons to love Chris Pratt abound.

He and Anna Faris are adorable

Pratt married fellow funny person Anna Faris in 2009 and they welcomed a son in 2012. Chris and Anna seem like your really cool godparents who let you try beer but also give good advice about what you should say to your crush but aren’t weird about it or anything.

They were on an episode of Top Chef, which is only semi-relevant but is exactly what I would do if I were an adorable married Hollywood couple. And they love tater tots.

We’ve witnessed his rise to fame

Overnight sensations are fun, but everyone loves to see an actor that they’ve enjoyed for years finally make it in a big way. (Think Jon Hamm and Kerry Washington.) If you were a moody teenage girl in the early 2000s, you’ve been watching Chris since his days on Everwood. And any regular Parks and Recreation fan knows that some of the show’s most hilarious moments have come from Andy Dwyer. Pratt has slowly been making his way into film with roles in 2011’s Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. But between Guardians of the Galexy and an upcoming starring role in Jurassic World Chris Pratt’s film career looks very bright.

He seems genuine

These days, most actors rarely show their true personalities. They’re too worried about losing an endorsement contract or offending a future casting agent that they stick to canned responses and rehearsed anecdotes. That’s why everyone loved Jennifer Lawrence so much. She called out bullshit when she saw it and didn’t take herself too seriously. Chris Pratt’s remarks actually seem off the cuff and honest. Or, he’s just a really, really good actor.


I mean, Andy Dwyer is cute and all but, HEY BOO!

Let the Chris Pratt swooning commence.

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