Everyone Loses Their Shit Over Oprah's Final Favorite Things


Today Oprah surprised an audience of “givers” with her last-ever Favorite Things show. Watch grown men cried over cashmere blankets, women screaming in ecstasy, and one person mouth, “I’m gonna drop dead.” (Oprah literally had medics in the aisles.)

Oprah actually wore a decoy dress to fool the audience, which she ripped away to reveal her holiday outfit. Of the tons of free shit she gave out today, the biggest reactions were to a diamond watch, five years of Netflix, Jay-Z’s book, a lasagna pan, a 3D TV, and 18 scented candles. But the biggest screams of all came during the finale gift: A seven-day Caribbean cruise.

UPDATE: Oprah did a part two, and gave away Volkswagen Beetles!

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