Everyone's Just a Little Too Excited About Jennifer Aniston Joining Instagram

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Everyone's Just a Little Too Excited About Jennifer Aniston Joining Instagram
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Let me preface this blog post with this: I love Jennifer Aniston. There is no specific reasoning behind this or particular quality Aniston has that appeals to me. My sister likes to describe me as a “Rachel,” which I take as a compliment (she does not), so maybe it’s that, or maybe I just enjoyed Along Came Polly when I was 14 and prone to that sort of thing. Whatever the case, I harbor no ill will toward Aniston, and I hope her Instagram experience is a rousing success. Still, I don’t understand why anyone cares? Or at least, why anyone cares this much? Or why I care this much? Help.

First, we were brought the news that Aniston’s Instagram account amassed over one million followers in the first five hours of its existence, netting it a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. And now, Justin Theroux has chimed in, telling Extra that he’s “proud” of his ex-wife for doing a thing a decade later than everyone else.

“She has sworn she was not gonna do it, and then she did it. I’m so proud of her — I thought it was so great,” he said, according to People. “The world’s about to learn what a hilarious woman she is if they don’t already… She’s gonna be good at this.”

I have only just learned how to stick GIFs in Instagram stories, so I’m not one to judge someone’s perceived Instagram expertise, but I do not sense that Jennifer Aniston will be any more skilled at the ‘gram than anyone else. In her first week on the platform, she’s posted a Friends selfie, a #TBT, and a fun photoshoot outtake, which is perfectly fine content, but nothing close to the gems Cardi B produced in her heyday, plus I sense Aniston’s too well-adjusted to use her follows for shade.

But maybe not! Only time can tell. In the meantime, Jen, if you need some tips on Instagram story GIFs, hit a girl up. [People]

In a message I feel compelled to plagiarize and email my mother, Charlize Theron has declared that marriage is just not her thing.

“I haven’t been in a relationship for a very long time. I never wanted to get married,” she told Glamour this week. “Those are things that are not hard for me, because they’re innately my truth. I find people are somewhat perplexed by that, and also more with women, right?”

Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to get married, but Theron’s point is a good one. We no longer live in a world in which women need a partner to survive or a husband to be marketable, and yet, when women say they don’t intend to marry, it’s usually met with a response along the lines of, “Oh, but you just haven’t met the right person yet!” Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, and maybe we don’t need marriage if and when we get universal health insurance. Whatever the deal, Theron (who probably does not need the health insurance, come to think of it) is not into it. [E! Online]

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