Expensive New Perfume Contains Notes of 'Pollution'


Avant garde design house Comme des Garçons has unleashed a new perfume called Serpentine that contains notes of “pollution.” I really, really, really 100% do not understand fashion.

According to W Magazine, the unisex fragrance was inspired by the Serpentine Galleries, which are located in London’s Kensington Gardens. Rather than relying on florals, like other conventional (“good”) perfumes, this scent contains the smell of pollen, leaves, grass, and air pollution. It’s like walking around outside, except instead of being free it costs $95.

This isn’t the first unconventional fragrance Comme des Garçons has unleashed on a public that will probably never be ready for its ~*~*cOmPlIcAtEd ~ UnCoNvEnTiOnAl ~ OlFaCtOrY ~ GeNiUs *~*~ ; in 1998 the Japanese label released Odeur 53, which contains notes of “oxygen, metal, wash drying, sand dunes, nail polish, pure air of the high mountains, burnt rubber, and flaming rock,” among other things. (Ed note: remember the fragrances with notes of blood and semen?)

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