Fake Drunk Girl Finds Sketchy Men at Breeding Ground for Sketchy Men


A woman pretended to be drunk on Hollywood Boulevard — aka one of the sketchiest places in the world — to see if the strangers she encountered would help her find a bus home or be disgusting. Naturally, most of those she met were the latter.

It’s one thing to create a social experiment with controlled settings, like Kenneth and Mamie Clark’s famous doll test or Ivan Pavlov’s dog conditioning sets, but if the test pool is erected in one of America’s murkiest place to prove that people are gross, what new information are we to glean? Hollywood is crawling with aspiring date rapists. Got it.

In the clip, originally posted on Total Frat Move, the woman encounters five different men and only one tries to help her find the “bus to Culver City” to go home. In Los Angeles, like any other big city, there are sketchy people with ulterior motives so the fact that most of the men in this clip tried to maneuver the woman into their car or take her to their fantastic “water bed” at home is as disturbing as it is unsurprising.

But I did realize one thing: these “social experiment” clips have to stop before someone gets hurt.

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