Fantasy Football-Obsessed Husbands Creating 'Sports Widows' Out Of Wives


This morning’s Early Show ran a segment about the poor wives of men so obsessed with football that they let their marriages fall by the wayside. CBS profiled Josh and Ayala Gross, a couple who has been trying to deal with the massive time-consuming hobby that is Fantasy Football.

But it’s okay, guys! Josh “laid down the rules early” in their marriage about how and when he would be participating in his hobby, and neglecting his wife:

“I informed her that Sundays, all day you can do what you want, but I’m out. Monday nights, I’m out. And towards the end of the season, Thursday nights and Saturday nights as well.”

Yet somehow, Ayala is pretty cool with it: “It was really hard at first because it just wiped out six months out of the year.” Born in Australia and raised in Canada, it was “hard” for her to figure out this weird American obsession. Not knowing what else to do with her frustration, she created a Facebook fan page called “The Wives Of Fantasy Football,” because Facebook always solves our relationship problems, right? By the end of the segment, Ayala came around to her husband’s side even more: “He does watch Desperate Housewives with me, though.” Um, hooray? Well, does she have any advice for other women who share the problems in their relationship, or any helpful tips on how to talk to your jerk of a husband? “Embrace it or you’re gonna have six months of just hating your husband. That’s it.” So that’s a no, then.

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