Fashion Icon André Leon Talley Wears Uggs, And We Are All Vindicated!


Fashion icon André Leon Talley wears Uggs. If a man who’s friends with Grace Jones and a long-time advisor to Anna Wintour can, well, there by the grace of God, go I.

After the Oscar de la Renta fashion show in snow-warped New York City this week, ten fashion editors hopped on a coveted elevator in hopes of dashing to another show somewhere in the Big Apple, writes the Telegraph. But then the elevator got stuck and the sartorial gate keepers were held captive for nearly an hour. So, like good stewards, they took that time to learn about one another, and now we know that ALT wears Uggs, the warm Aussie boots that no one is supposed to wear besides tacky people because fashionistas say so — until today.

ALT to Jim (the elevator operator): “You’re there in that hot jacket. You see I took off my clothes. I’m going to be stripping in a minute.”
It’s getting hotter. Can we open the doors again? We switch places so others can get near to the air by the door.
35m 4s We discover Andre is wearing Uggs, which he says he’s been wearing for three years, but no one noticed.
How long have we been stuck in here? About 30 minutes we decide.
ALT: “Who’s writing this? Is someone taking notes? Describe the panic. By yours truly.”
We all laugh. We love Andre.

I will be wearing my fuzzy, warm Uggs in shame no more! Vindication (and warm toes) for all!

Image via Getty.

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