Fat-Shamer MeMe Roth To Opponent: "Don't Be An Ass"


MeMe Roth is pretty excited about Santa Clara County’s proposed ban on toys in Happy Meals, and disagreeing with her apparently makes commentator Mike Gallagher “an ass.”

Appearing on the O’Reilly Factor yesterday, Roth drew on her impeccable qualifications to discuss the obesity crisis, and to argue that Happy Meal toys are a marketing effort to “get kids to eat crap.” Of course, the toys certainly are a form of marketing to children. But it’s pretty clear from the bile with which Roth discusses obesity — “Did you ever meet a kid who wants to be fat?” — that she cares more about kids’ waistlines than about limiting consumerist messaging. It’s rare that I applaud a conservative talk show host, but Gallagher remains remarkably calm as Roth calls him an ass and bombards him with her trademark specious statistics. I do, however, have to disagree with his claim early in the segment that MeMe Roth somehow represents the “liberal” position on food politics or anything else. Roth’s take on food would better be described as fascist.

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