Finally! A Video Guide That Shows Ladies How Not to Get Raped


Every two minutes, another person in America is raped or sexually assaulted. And about once every five seconds, some braying idiot who has no idea what they’re talking about issues another unnecessary edict on how women should modify their behavior to make themselves less rapeable.

The Hey Ladies, Why Not Try Not Getting Raped? ethos has leant itself well to many genres— the thinkpiece, the splashy women’s magazine story, the campus safety brochure — but until now, it hasn’t existed in handy consolidated video form. Filmmaker Cat Del Buono changed all that, creating How Not To Get Raped, a video that presents actual tips found in Cosmo, Wikihow, the University of Colorado, and other campus safety brochures. It presents the cacophony of conflicting information women get on a near-constant basis in a handy, easy-to-follow format that’s sure to confuse and delight. With bonus cool futuristic asymmetrical hot mess wig.

My personal favorite “how not to get raped” tip is the one about how you’re not supposed to wear a ponytail when you go running. I had a random stranger tell me that in the middle of the Manhattan Bridge this summer, several miles into a long training run. Helpful.

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