Fired Too-Hot Banker Joins Forces With Gloria Allred


It had to happen: Gloria Allred has taken on the case of Deborahlee Lorenzana, a perfect storm of a discrimination lawsuit and seemingly unending publicity.

Lorenzana, of course, is suing Citibank for allegedly discriminating against her for being too attractive and telling her to cover up lest she distract male colleagues.

The New York Post implies that Lorenzana’s original lawyer, Jack Tuckner, dropped her after footage emerged from a Discovery Health Channel show in which Lorenzana described her love for plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, and her ambition to marry rich. (It’s far more likely that Lorenzana took the opportunity to upgrade to more high-profile counsel as her fame grew.) As Anna N. concluded last week, “Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how [Lorenzana] got her body – what matters is whether she was harassed for it.” But The Post‘s serial antagonist Andrea Peyser begged to differ:

Debrahlee Lorenzana, the man-hungry, plastic-surgery-addicted, fame-whoring single mom who fantasizes about nailing George Clooney while hoisting a mountainous chest, makes me ashamed to be of the same species, let alone the same sex….Women have worked too long and hard to use their bodies for leverage. Debrahlee Lorenzana trivializes the real crime of sexual harassment with a look-at-me lawsuit that reads like a personal ad, not a discrimination claim.

Allred told the The Post yesterday,

“Debrahlee Lorenzana . . . chose to have breast-enhancement surgery to improve her self-esteem,” she said. “Men have always been obsessed with women’s breasts, but when that behavior constitutes sex discrimination . . . it crosses the line.”

Citibank is still denying all charges. Naturally.

Photo via Carrie Schechter/Village Voice.

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