First All-Black Team Wins Youth Polo Title


The Cowtown/Work to Ride polo team of Fairmount Park — and their coach Lezlie Hiner — made history when they won the 42d annual USPA National Interscholastic Championship tournament Sunday.

The word “polo” is traditionally synonymous with “wealthy,” and in most of America, that’s modified to “wealthy white guys.” But maybe that will start to change thanks to these young men, who wrested a 24-17 victory from Baltimore in Charlottesville, VA. Coach Hiner is the founder of the Work to Ride program, designed to give underprivileged Philly youth a leg up; through her efforts, kids have traveled extensively and gotten an opportunity to pursue all kinds of extracurriculars, including polo. Many congratulations to her and to her team — a sweet victory on so many levels.

Philly Represent! – First All-Black Youth Team Wins National Polo Title [Clutch Online]
Philly Youth Polo Team Wins National Title [Philadelphia Enquirer]

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