First Clip From The Fault in Our Stars Is an Adorable Anti-Smoking Ad


Here’s the first full clip from The Fault in Our Stars, the teen cancer romance (it’s a genre, you know) starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, the actor who also plays Woodley’s brother in Divergent.

In the clip, the budding romance between Hazel Grace (a young woman with terminal cancer) and Gus is almost over before it can begin because Gus pulls out a cigarette while asking her out on a date. Disaster is averted when he explains that he doesn’t actually smoke the cigarette, he just holds it in his mouth as a fuck you to cancer.

Gus’ explanation might work on her, but, as staff cynic, I still have to point out that he still bought that pack of cigarettes and gave money to big tobacco whether he smokes it or not. OH, WELL. YOUNG LOVE.

Question: Do you think Woodley has worked it into her contract that all of her future movies must costar either Elgort or Miles Teller?

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