Florida Bakery Receives Threats For Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake

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After a bakery in Casselberry, Florida, refused to decorate a cake with the message “I Hate Gays,” they started to receive hundreds of hateful, threatening calls. The house has stopped taking bets on whether some of the people issuing these threats also recently donated to Memories Pizza in Indiana.

Former TV evangelist Joshua Feuerstein had a very sad, totally hetero boner over the fact that people with consciences were mad about Indiana’s regressive, discriminatory religious freedom law. Like any Jesus-lovin’ half-melted snowman with a fauxhawk glued onto its head, Feuerstein wishes business could discriminate against customers however the gosh-darned heck they feel like. To this end, he decided to call up Cut the Cake Bakery and offer to pay them to make a cake that said “We Do Not Support Gay Marriage.” When Cut the Cake declined to make said cake and ultimately hung up on him, Feueueueueueueueueuerstein posted a video of the call to YouTube and his own Facebook page, then encouraged his viewers and fans (of which there are apparently more than a million, because humans are terrible) to call Cut the Cake themselves and complain.

Shockingly,* hundreds of Feuerstein’s viewers decided to take this as an opportunity to leave Cut the Cake hateful or threatening messages, calls which at last blush were still ongoing. It’s at the point where Cut the Cake owner Sharon Haller has had to file a police report, and police have apparently offered employees escort to and from work if they feel unsafe.

Picking a random bakery, placing them in an unwinnable position, then encouraging your followers to threaten their lives over it: totally what Jesus would do!

* Nope.

Image via Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock.

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