Florida McDonald's Taking Reservations for Valentine's Day Dinner


Happy Valentine’s Day! Scrambling to make last-minute plans because you forgot it was Valentine’s Day until you read the first line of this article? No worries; McDonald’s has you covered (if you’re in Florida, that is).

According to an article I will henceforth refer to as One of the Greatest News Stories of All Time on UPI, two of the Golden Arches’ finest establishments are now taking your reservations:

“We have more reservations than we expected already, but we will make
it work and keep everyone happy and smiling, because that is what we do
best,” store manager Ernesto Izquierdo told WTSP.
“And remember this does not have to be romantic, it could be a dad
taking his daughter for Valentine’s Day Dinner, and it will be special
if they share it with us.”
The fast food restaurants already have 25 reservations between the two of them.


“We really want everybody to enjoy Valentine’s — that’s the main idea,” Izquierdo said.
got approval for the promotion from Caspers Company, which owns several
McDonald’s locations in the area, after his guest services manager came
up with the idea. “She has three children and she said it would be a
sweet idea, especially for families who want to bring their kids with
them on their Valentine’s Day dinner,” he said.

I can’t even snark. We are in the process of moving and the only kitchen gear that isn’t packed away is the wine bottle opener (IT NEVER LEAVES MY SIGHT) and a Green Bay Packers barbecue spatula, which I am praying to the heavens above gets “lost” somehow in transit. (It won’t. My boyfriend watches it like it’s his only born son.) So in the past few days, we’ve eaten more McDonald’s than some people eat in there entire lives. I have the menu memorized, you guys.

All in all, it actually does sound pretty sweet, how they’re going all out for their customers who don’t want the over-the-top bullshittery that comes when people go way over the top for a holiday that was made up to sell cards and flowers.

“We will have a
section reserved for those Valentine’s Day diners and the tables will be
decorated with table cloths, and flowers and hearts everywhere,” Izquierdo said. “The
servers will be nicely dressed and take everyone’s order.”

Image via McDonald’s Facebook

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