For Popular Kids, It Just Gets Worse


For many, few things are worse in high school than not being popular (like taking geometry three times). If you’re not cool, don’t know the hip lingo (RUFUS!) and aren’t sitting at the popular table, grades 9-11 can be pretty disheartening. Luckily, by senior year most of us run out of fucks to give and just do our own thing (cutting classes to eat ice cream in the library was a favorite). However, there’s always the question of what happens to the popular kids after high school, whether their je ne sais quoi transcends the cafeteria and serves them the rest of their natural lives.

PROBABLY NOT! Because as soon as you exit high school and move out into the frozen tundra that is the “real world” everyone keeps telling you about, you have to learn valuable social and technical skills like making small talk with people you don’t like and how to program a microwave so that you can enjoy a delicious cup of noodles in your own studio apartment. And if you don’t, you may just end up like the formerly popular kids in the above video, who peaked during high school and are lamenting the loss of their popularity. (Sad!) (Not really!)

Related: I just went to my high school reunion last year and can confirm this video is not 100% accurate. This is probably because I went to art school, though, where popularity was measured by “deep-ness” and how long you could stand to listen to a Diamanda Galas CD before switching it off in frustration.

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