Fox Anchor Wonders If Ladybrains Keep Women From Running Companies


Today, an anchor at Fox Business wondered aloud during a broadcast if the “female brain” is to blame for the glass ceiling. I dunno, dude. Is the male brain to blame for saying idiotic shit on television?

Hard to pick which aspect of this weird Fox Business clip is the most off putting — male anchor Stuart Varney’s speculation that maybe there’s something with “the female brain” (The Period Crazies!) that prevents women from being CEO’s of tech companies, the part where a female Tea Party spokesblonde says companies shouldn’t have to hire women to work for them and blames lib’ruls and foreigners for a dearth of women in executive suites, or the omnipresent, hive-inducing chyron seizure that plagues the lower third of the screen. Let’s watch!

Team nobody!

[Raw Story]

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