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Yep, you’re totally reading that right: a Fox News “expert” (more about him below) thinks men should have a right to “veto” a woman’s abortion.

You can watch the cringeworthy roundtable discussion with “Doctor” Keith Ablow—who, by the way, is a practicing psychiatrist with an affinity for both 1. ellipses and 2. Skype; not a gynecologist or practitioner of women’s parts or a person who owns or operates women’s parts, or has a say in women’s bodies, period—below, as well as cruise through the choice quotes I pulled from the interview that’ll likely make you want to vomit all over your computer monitor, such as:

On Nick Loeb’s lawsuit against ex Sophia Vergara:

“I don’t think she has two percent credibility in this matter.”

Two percent? A woman who’s sticking to her guns and standing up for herself? Make it one percent, bro. Show her who’s boss.

“The bottom line is: why would a woman’s right to decide what to do with a frozen embryo trump a man’s right every time?”

Because they put it into a legally-binding contract, which they both agreed to.

“She’s so liberal. Modern Family (scoffs)—anything goes. She wants all the control. Not very “modern,” Sophia.”

Oh! Haha, a joke. I get it.

“What they determined on paper should not determine the fate of a child.”


[Media Matters]

Screengrab courtesy YouTube

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