Fox News Isn't Renewing Sarah Palin's Contract, Which Is Too Bad


Politico is reporting that Fox News has not renewed their contract with Governor Sarah Palin, former vice presidential candidate and, as of now, freelance pundit. That’s right. Now she could be anywhere. Check the shower. Check the closet. Does your family have a koi pond? She could be out there in hip-waders, trying to fish and shouting about liberty. Someone drain the pond.

Mike Allen reports that Fox and Palin parted ways on June 1, but that she will continue to make appearances on Fox and Fox Business. She also has a show on the Sportsman Channel, Amazing America, and, according to Allen, “will announce a new publishing project soon.” She’s also running a contest on Facebook where you can vote for the woman who should appear on the $10 bill, although she’s also made it clear she disapproves of the whole idea: “Since politicians just can’t leave well enough alone, and evidently have nothing else to do, they’ve decided to create a new $10 bill featuring a woman.” The world is a rich pageant for the enterprising former politician who’s willing to periodically pretend to run for president.

Palin’s tenure at Fox has been rocky: she’s been a contributor for the network intermittently since 2009, but left for five months in early 2013 after complaining that Fox had cancelled all her interviews. She returned only after being personally wooed by Roger Ailes. Her most recent appearance was on Sean Hannity’s June 8 program, where she denounced the media for having “double standards” regarding Josh Duggar and Lena Dunham, saying Dunham was “praised” and “rewarded with fame and fortune” for confessing to being sexually inappropriate with her little sister.

On a personal note, if I may, Sarah Palin is the single funniest speaker I have ever seen live.

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