Free clothes, free booze, and now free food.


Concerned citizens of London are banding together in an effort to aid the dispossessed and desperate hordes of runway refugees currently arriving in the U.K. for the city’s fashion week festivities, according to reports coming out of Europe.

Says Reuters:

Bumpkin restaurant in trendy Notting Hill is offering models with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18 the opportunity to gorge on fish pies, lamb burgers, king prawns and scallops.
“If I could recommend a dish to a size zero model, it would be a charter pie containing leeks, chicken and bacon; it’s enough to keep you warm and energised all day,” Bumpkin general manager Dariush Nejad said in a statement on Monday.”

Models, says Nejad, can simply show up to Bumpkin during the lunch hour and present their modeling cards identity cards to prove they have a BMI index of less than 18. No word yet on whether the charity efforts will be extended to include the wives of washed-up soccer stars.

Restaurant offers skinny models free meals [Reuters UK]

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