Fringe Right-Wing Personality, Unable to Log the Fuck Off, Dons Yellow Star, Locks Herself to Twitter's Doors 


Laura Loomer, a woman in true need of very serious help, has locked herself to the front door of Twitter’s New York City headquarters. Loomer did this because she was recently banned from Twitter for making viciously Islamophobic statements about Representative-elect Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, including accusing her of supporting female genital mutilation. She is also wearing, for good measure, a yellow fucking star, the likes of which Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. Loomer is both Jewish herself and evidently not in possession of any kind of shame, basic decency, or perspective about when it is clearly time to log the fuck off.

Reporters following along on a livestream captured this, the absolute nadir of the dumbest era in human history:

Loomer is best known for being an Islamophobe, a conspircy theorist, a far-right faux journalist, and having truly legendary overreactions to being called on her terrible behavior. She’s previously falsely claimed that Rep. Maxine Water assaulted her and was banned from both Lyft and Uber for making Islamophobic statements about Muslim drivers.

There’s more—infinitely more—dumb shit to which Loomer has devoted herself, but given that our time here on Earth is limited, suffice it to say that her commitment to being able to post garbage on Twitter seems to be her true passion. Loomer recently interrupted a Congressional hearing to yell at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about conservatives being “shadowbanned” from the platform, and after any number of suspensions, she was permanently banned for accusing Rep.-elect Omar of being “anti-Jewish” (Omar is not remotely anti-Semitic), and belonging to a religion in which “women are abused” and “homosexuals are oppressed.” Loomer has reportedly vowed to sue over her suspension, and also apparently lightly imprisoned herself for the afternoon.

At publication time, the police had arrived on the scene to watch Loomer doing whatever she’s doing here; this will inevitably led with her being gently led away and possibly issued a ticket. Also, as I’m filing this, my colleague Samer Kalaf is asking Loomer why she won’t speak about the Deadspin Awards (which are next Wednesday at Irving Plaza).

This story is developing. God help us all.

Update, 5:15 p.m.: It appears that a much funnier possibility is taking shape, which is that Loomer really will be forced to make good on her promises to stand out in the cold “as long as it takes.”

Update, 6:15 p.m.:

Loomer barely made it two hours before she “ended her protest,” per journalist Will Sommer, allowed the cops to cut her handcuffs loose, and went on to whatever crucial place she’ll be yelling next.

When staging a brave, nonsensical stand in New York City in the middle of winter, it’s best to bring an actual coat. Various far right Twitter accounts are claiming that Loomer’s protest ended with her arrest, which doesn’t appear to be true.

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