Funny People Put On Fancy Clothes


You know a salute to Alec Baldwin (like this one at the Museum of the Moving Image) will be funny. But chic? What a pleasant surprise!

Tina Fey does a fun, chic spin on Liz Lemon’s usual careerwear.

Christine Taylor goes glam in what could look sloppy, but doesn’t. (Yeah, watered silk is tricky.)

On some people, this could be a hot mess. On Mariska Hargitay? High art. (Okay, art, anyway.)

Carre Lowell may not want to sit down in this; maybe that’s why she has Richard Gere as spotter. Nice work if you can get it.

Kristen Wiig always seems totally at ease on the red carpet. Which is good, because we hope to see a lot more of her, even if we’re not sure about Bridesmaids.

Dylan Lauren, very plucky for someone being devoured by ruffles.

Edie Falco looks ready for a Poison video. You alone can decide if this is a good thing.

The annoyingly consistent grace of Patricia Clarkson.

A conservative Amy Ryan keeps it elegant.

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