Fusion Reporter Physically Removed From Donald Trump Press Conference


On Tuesday, Fusion reporter Jorge Ramos was physically escorted out of a press conference after he asked Donald Trump about his desire to deport 11 million undocumented Americans.

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump said as a security guard approached Ramos. “Go back to Univision.”

Trump later said that it wasn’t his decision to remove Ramos — he was kicked out because he started speaking without being called on.

He reportedly was allowed to return to the conference and ask his question.

Variety reports:

“I don’t believe I ever met him, except he started screaming and I didn’t escort him out, you’ll have to talk to security,” Trump later, when another reporter asked about Ramos’ removal. “Certainly he wasn’t chosen. I chose you and you’re asking me questions. He just stands up and starts screaming so, you know, maybe he’s at fault also.”…
Trump sued Univision in July after the network dropped its coverage of Miss USA and Miss Universe, two pageants owned by the real estate mogul. The Trump Organization said the Univision decision was a “politically motivated attempt” to suppress his freedom of speech.

Ramos has called Trump the “loudest voice of intolerance, hatred, and division” in the country.

He recently said in a CNN interview: “When you say immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists, isn’t that spreading hate?”

Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters is at an impressive -51 percent, according to a Gallup poll.

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