Gabourey Dances With Madonna; Hurt Locker Star Denies He's Dating Jessica

  • After the Oscars, Madonna hosted a party at her manager Guy Oseary’s house with Demi Moore. A source says, “Madonna danced non-stop for four hours. She and Gabourey Sidibe were dancing together at one point. They had a great time.”
  • Later, Oseary stopped the music and said the party was over unless Anderson Cooper started dancing. Luckily, A.C. obliged. [People]
  • Gabourey Sidibe is attending a taping of America’s Best Dance Crew, or as she puts it, “I’m fucking going Tuesday!” She says of meeting judge/former ‘N Syncer J.C. Chasez, “I’m going to complete my set-he’s the only one I haven’t met.” [E!]
  • Oprah Winfrey says she asked to introduce Gabourey Sidibe at the Oscars because, “I saw myself in her. This whole roller coaster that happens to you when you’re passionate about something – she wasn’t even thinking of being an actress; she just auditioned. And now here she is, being nominated alongside Meryl Streep, who is the greatest actress in the world, with Sean Penn reading her name. Only in America.” [People]
  • Breaking: Mo’Nique‘s legs are still hairy. [TMZ]
  • Jesse James says of his wife Sandra Bullock‘s Oscar win, “I’m so proud of her. She deserves it more than anybody. I got teary eyed when she won. I’m so happy. This is a big night for us. Normally we’re in bed by 9 o’clock!” [Us]
  • Jesse James also says being Bullock‘s Oscars date was, “Awesome. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support my wife and her work. She does it all the time for me. She goes to Mexico, to the desert, to the hospital – a lot – to support me and my work. The least I can do is put on a suit and support her.” [People]
  • Jeremy Renner says the report that he “spent the night hitting on Jessica Simpson like crazy” is untrue. He says he only met Jess for “three minutes.” “Her hair stylist [Ken Paves] did my mom’s hair so we were talking about that — and then all of a sudden we’re dating!” he said. [Us]
  • Jessica Simpson says of Billy Corgan, “I can’t find good enough words to speak about Billy. He’s a very, very dear friend. For him to give his time and his talents and share them with me, it was a great experience. And I hope we can do more music together.” [People]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted chatting with Olivia Munn at a pre-Oscars party, but a source says, “Nothing happened romantically,” adding, “He’s definitely single and wants to date girls.” [E!]
  • Ryan Gosling is dating Casey LaBow, and a source spotted them having a romantic dinner on Friday night. “He had his arm around her throughout their dinner and even fed her pasta at one point,” said the source. “It was really cute.” [Radar]
  • Did Lindsay Lohan get the idea to sue the makers of the E-Trade commercial that uses her name from Twitter? When the ad first aired during the Super Bowl she said, “Did that just happen? On that commercial? Or am I wrong?” A follower named Ryan Curtis Tweeted back: “I would sue if I was you… I really think you should look into it. It wasn’t funny and rude.” [AdAge]
  • Also caught being rude to Lindsay Lohan: British TV host Alan Carr. In this clip from his talk show, he asks her if she’s, “back on the cock?” adding, “Will your next one be a man or a woman?” Lindsay laughs and says she won’t answer. [The Sun]
  • Robert Hadlerman pled guilty to trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman today, and was sentenced to six months in prison. Letterman issued this statement: “I would like to thank the District Attorney of Manhattan, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., the former District Attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau, the Special Prosecutions Bureau in the D.A.’s Office, and the New York City Police Department. When they became involved with this case, I had complete faith that a just and appropriate result was inevitable. On behalf of my family, I am extremely grateful for their tireless efforts.” [NYT]
  • D’Angelo has pleaded not guilty to allegedly soliciting an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute, offering to pay $40 for oral sex. [Contact Music]
  • Ryan Seacrest‘s stalker, Chidi Uzomah, pled no contest to felony stalking today. He could serve up to two years behind bars. [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen is leaving rehab to resume taping Two and a Half Men on March 19. [Radar]
  • Tiger Woods‘ college girlfriend Irene Folstrom says, “I support him 100 percent… Of course, he was unfaithful and he has his faults, but he is really a good person.” [People]
  • Dennis Hopper‘s wife is supposed to leave his compound on March 15, but today she filed court documents claiming their pre-nup allows her to stay in her home because it’s a freestanding house on his property. [TMZ]
  • More leaked pics of Lady Gaga/Beyonce‘s “Telephone” video! [Perez]
  • Lady Gaga says, “I feel so bad for the “Bad Romance” video because the “Telephone” video is so much better.” [The Sun]
  • The 3-D glasses included in the deluxe edition of Lady Gaga‘s “The Fame Monster” make more sense now: A rep at her label says, “there are talks about a 3-D concert and DVD in the near future.” [Perez]
  • The second season of Jersey Shore starts filming on March 20, but the cast still doesn’t know where they’ll be shooting. [Radar]
  • Snooki says she’s in love with her boyfriend of one month, personal trainer Emilio Masella. He says he told her he loved her for the first time on Valentine’s Day: “I said it to her when she got to my house and saw everything I got her … flowers, teddy bears, her favorite candies (she likes gummi bears), chocolate … I [also] got her a bottle of Cristal and she didn’t know what it was, so I made her look it up!” [People]
  • Emilio Masella continued, “I’m trying to train [Snooki], but she’s always on the road. I wrote up a diet for her. I’m trying to get her to start dieting and start training… “I’ve been living her life, so I’m trying to get her to see mine.” [ONTD]
  • Michael Jackson‘s family has stopped paying security guards to watch over his tomb. Instead, they’ve arranged to have a Forest Lawn security guard at his tomb for up to 12 hours a day. [Radar]
  • Hilary Duff is writing a series of young adult novels. The first is called Elixir and is about the “worldwide adventures of photojournalist Clea Raymond.” She’s also writing a non-fiction children’s book about divorce. [AP]
  • Kate Gosselin is changing her hair for DWTS. Her stylist reports: “She’ll have a new hairdo tomorrow because we’re taking them out and we’re not putting them back in until Thursday. So she’ll have short hair for a day.” [Radar]
  • Rihanna met Matt Kemp‘s friends and relatives at his Ante Up for Autism charity event this past weekend. “Matt was happy she came. It was an awesome show of support,” said a source. “Rihanna fit right in as if they all knew each other. It was comfortable.” [Contact Music]
  • Hugh Grant is being considered for the role of Henry Higgins in an upcoming remake of My Fair Lady. [The Telegraph]
  • In the video at the link, Wesley Snipes pretends to take a paparazzo hostage and demands a ransom of Newports and a Milky Way bar from Harvey Levin. [TMZ]
  • Robert Pattinson compared his new film Remember Me to Robert Redford’s Ordinary People. He explained, “It feels like kind of that, I don’t know, late ’70s kind of romantic. Like romantic dramas were a little bit deeper than they are now. There are no heroes, there are no villains. Everyone in it is a good person. It’s just sort of a good family trying to deal with tough times.” [CBS News]
  • Nicole Richie says she and Joel Madden haven’t set a wedding date yet, and she’s just starting to plan the ceremony now. “I’ve been on the road. I just got home, and so it’s really going to be now that’s the time for me to sit down and think about what I want,” she said. [People]
  • Jeff Daniels won a Tony for the Broadway play God of Carnage, and now he’s returning to the show as a different character. “I could not have come back as Allen. But the producers just pitched it: ‘Do you think you’d like to flip roles?’ The idea of flipping on Broadway was a wonderful risk. That’s what keeps me interested. Otherwise, I’ve had enough,” he said. [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun on Lost, says she’s purposely given her character more of an American accent each season. She explains, “In season one it was 2004. If she’s been speaking English on the island with all the other characters for so long, and after the Oceanic Six actually got to leave the island and come back after three years – I’m just trying to make the progress as far as Sun’s language ability. I don’t think it was addressed in the script, I just thought it would be a little more interesting.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Sherri Shepherd says George Clooney was her favorite interview during the Oscars pre-show. “He wasn’t in a bad mood with me! He came over and I came on to him, flirting with him, and he flirted back,” she said. “And I love Taylor Lautner, but I couldn’t ask him too many questions. We had a lot of red tape and protocol from ABC, and they told me I couldn’t ask Taylor about the Twilight sequel or his body. And I said, ‘Then what am I going to talk to him about?!’ He’s a big boy, he could handle it.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • “I wish I’d never had my breasts done the last time,” says Sharon Osbourne. “They’ve put these bloody great bags in that are too fucking round-it’s like a waterbed on your chest. I hate my tits… I want to have the bags taken out, and then I’ll put them up on eBay.” [Newser]
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