Gaga "Defends" Adam Lambert; Artie Lange Hospitalized

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  • Lady Gaga reportedly stood up for Adam Lambert after a concert in Ottawa recently when a man began yelling at the two of them, asking “Don’t you care that you’re both going to hell?” The Lady allegedly replied:

“No…not as long as I don’t have to see YOUR face there!” before pouring a glass of wine over the man’s head. [ShowbizSpy]

  • Ashley Samson, who kicked off the Tiger Woods scandal by discussing Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel to the National Enquirer, says she regrets talking about Woods and wishes she just took the hush money she was offered instead: “I’m trying to get my f—- life together and repair my reputation. It probably would have been better (to accept the $200,000) because what ended up happening was a big mess.” [NYDN]
  • Artie Lange was rushed to the hospital last night for unspecified reasons. His rep has released the following statement: “I can confirm that Artie is in the hospital. Artie has chosen to keep all information on this matter between him and his doctor. There will be no further comment.” [TMZ]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and his ex, Bar Refaeli spent New Year’s together in Cabo San Lucas. [NYDN]
  • “I have never felt so much good female energy around me. I find that I can’t take my eyes off them. I’m 99 percent sure I will leave this movie a lesbian.”-Kristen Bell, on working with Christina Aguilera and Cher for the upcoming film Burlesque. [PageSix]
  • “Hundreds of people lined the windows” to watch Lindsay Lohan and her family blow a ton of money on clothes in Manhattan yesterday. [PageSix]
  • Leighton Meester, who is currently trying to kickstart her singing career, says she’s gotten some good advice from Cyndi Lauper: “Recently I’ve spent a lot of time Cyndi Lauper, and she’s a legend. She gave me the advice: Never sell your publishing, so I’ll take that.” [People]
  • Alexa Ray Joel says she wants “to help young girls with something I feel I know a GREAT deal about: Heartbreak-Related Depression. Although it does not get much attention in our society, it is a very serious and painful condition that often gets ‘swept under the carpet.’ I hope to bring this topic more to light.'” [USWeekly]
  • Social services in Colorado have determined that Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s children may stay with Mueller, as the current “atmosphere” in Mueller’s home is “just fine.” [People]
  • Bryce Dallas Howard says she’s learned a lot from her father, Ron Howard: “We’re very, very similar, but these are genuine interests of mine. I’m not just trying to be like him. I can’t ignore the fact that I have the greatest mentor possible for the things that I’m interested in. I’ve had an amazing chance to have a type of apprenticeship with my father — to learn from him and to work with him. It’s been the most positive, healthy, nurturing and challenging experience of my life.” [Reuters]
  • Blind Item!: “Which actress had a good reason for never naming the father of her teenage daughter? The sperminator was a major American marijuana trafficker on the lam abroad who eventually returned to the United States, did a stint behind bars, and is now with a production company in California.” [PageSix]
  • Ugh: now Michael Lohan is challenging Jon Gosselin to a boxing match, with Gosselin’s ex, Kate Major, as the referee. [RadarOnline]
  • Major and Lohan also recently got matching tattoos, for some reason. [TMZ]
  • “If you can win over the crowd in New York City, you can do it anywhere, and that’s the truth. The New York crowd is very hard to please, but if you’ve got them, they’ll stick with you. Of course, if you flinch for a moment, if you’re timid, they’ll boo you off the stage. Luckily, I’ve never been booed in my life. I’ve had a bad concert, but I’ve never been booed – unless it was karaoke.”-Usher [NYDN]
  • Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are looking to buy a penthouse together. [PageSix]
  • “I just want to have babies and live in the countryside, that’s my goal really. I’m not a careerist, what I really want is to be a mum. I am driven, but that drive goes as far as keeping a roof over my head and having a routine. I have been in a relationship for six or seven months now and its going really well, so why not?”-Lily Allen [DailyMail]
  • Ekaterina Evanova, the ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stone Ron Wood, says that Wood was abusive and that though she called the police after a particularly disturbing incident, “When they arrived I told them it was fine. My confidence was so low I had lost all perspective and didn’t realise it was domestic abuse. But the police saw the red marks around my neck and told me it wasn’t fine.” [TheSun]
  • It looks like this madness is continuing into this decade: Jennifer Aniston reportedly ignores Brad Pitt’s texts, because she’s trying to get over him “once and for all.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • Shania Twain carried the Olympic torch into her hometown of Timmins, Ontario and lit the Olympic cauldron. “”I feel proud, very proud. It’s a highlight of my life to be able to carry the flame, to light the cauldron.” So you lit the Olympic cauldron? That don’t impress—actually, no. That’s pretty damn impressive. Well done, Shania. [AP]
  • “I thought Jim did a really good job of putting Neytiri together. I thanked him for making her look hot. I mean, Neytiri is very sexy and lean with a really cute bod. I’m in pretty good shape, but I don’t look that buff.”-Zoe Saldana, on her blue alter-ego in Avatar. [ONTD]
  • “His voice was based on our cat coughing up fur balls.”-Andy Serkis, on how he came up with the voice of Gollum. [Guardian]
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