Gaga's New Video Makes Riot Gear And Latex Boring


After weeks of buzz, hype, “leaked” snippets and anticipation, the video for “Alejandro” has hit the web. Guess what?

It’s very beautiful! And very dull. Vivid religious iconography, leather coats, vague military/riot references and men in fishnets and heels can’t make up for a weak (non existent?) narrative and an incredibly repetitive song.

It’s impressive that Lady Gaga has generated a renewed interest in the music video as art form — Lord knows MTV couldn’t figure out how to do that — but that doesn’t mean every single one is gonna be a winner. So, you know, say adios to Alejandro and watch the mancandy in the “Teeth” video instead. Better song, hotter concept.

Alejandro Video []
Lady Gaga Teeth Official Haus Of Gaga HD [YouTube]

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